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What We Do

We help invent, fund and commercialise solutions to important national challenges. Promoted by Digital India Fund, India’s first social sector focused fund of funds, our spinout companies have access to patient capital and support of the key nodal IIT Alumni bodies. This empowers them with the ability to access some of the best technologists globally in addition to pursuing long term research goals without short term commercial pressures. We are closely aligned to the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. Welcome to Make in India Investment Ventures - code named Mi3 Ventures

IV Lab

Artificial Intelligence
Koteleo relies on deep learning and computervision to do long read next generation sequencing for human genome, gut microbiata, liquid biopsy and other proteomic identification for diagnosis, replication and amplification. It is just one of our high impact ideas approaching commercialisation

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Culture Of Disruption

Impossible is only till someone makes it possible

Who We Are

Zero to one
Through our partnership with zero stage funds, we help cross the chasm from thought to reality


The Stories That Define Us

Dr Rakesh Seth to Join Mi3

Dr Rakesh Seth will join Mi3 Ventures as the company’s Chief Advisor for its Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Initiative.

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Meet Mi3

From researchers to entrepreneurs and everyone in between, our people embody the power of disruptive innovation through collaboration and research excellence.

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